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322 West Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85003


Procurement is made up of professionals who have extensive experience in procurement with Arizona State, county, city, university and K12 public Education State and Local government.

We provide hands-on, high-end consulting services, public procurement training, registration services, and MFP monitoring to assist you with navigating the tedious governmental procurement process.

  • Track RFP opportunities in Arizona government jurisdictions.
  • Assist in setting timelines, response structure and content.
  • Evaluate draft proposal responses based on evaluation criteria and solicitation requirements.
  • Provide vital feedback and recommendations for proposal responses.
  • Assist in preparations for interviews, presentations or negotiations, including mock evaluation panels.
  • Advise on Best and Final Offer, including final adjustments or requests by the Soliciting Entity during this time sensitive period.

Procurement consulting and training options are available to ensure your organization has the best resources available for all of your procurement needs.


There are many factors that influence the use of a procurement team. Companies should use procurement based on their unique needs, including the nature of the product or services they are selling.

  • Your company is in growth mode
  • Increasing employees and locations
  • Expenses are rising
  • You have strong cost reduction goals

A dedicated procurement team can benefit small and large businesses.

Benefits can include:

  • Streamlining and Simplifying your purchasing process
  • Reducing costs
  • Avoiding savings leakage
  • Avoiding Procurement fraud
  • Avoiding unnecessary vendor escalations
  • Reducing purchase order cost
  • IFB: The solicitation method used for competitive sealed bidding for the purchase of equipment, materials, goods and construction.
  • RFP: The solicitation method used in the competitive sealed proposal process. The RFP procedure permits negotiation of proposals and prices.
  • RFQ: The solicitation method used in competitive procurements awarded to the lowest bidder.  Factors such as technical or professional skills and experience are also considered when making awards to vendors.

Accountability in conducting competitive processes are the principles that the Public Policy Partners shares with other international financial institutions (IFIs); open tendering and competitive selection are the norm while direct award is possible for low-value contracts.

You may contact us for specific questions by email at [email protected] or by calling (602) 200-6777.